Hi, This is sreehari Ramachandran, i newly create and maintained this web site, This site well showing my Strength and Optimistic, Proactive and self confidence.

This Website fully shows my entire Education details and Hobbies and Course details, Certification details.

And My college Project details and Real time project details. so what ever details may collect this website.

I have done My Projects in my College, The project name is Sybil guard-Defending Against Sybil Attacks Via Social Networks


(This software includes Peer-to-Peer and other decentralized, distributed systems are known to be particularly vulnerable to sybil attacks. In a sybil attack, a malicious user obtains multiple fake identities and pretends and to be multiple, distinct nodes in the system. By controlling a large fraction of the nodes in the system, the malicious user is able to “out vote” the honest users in collaborative tasks such as Byzantine failure defenses.)

And my company projects will fully describe this website.